Essay about The Top Three Competitiors of the American Repertory Theater

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In order for the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) to thrive and succeed our company must stay competitive with other entertainment industries accessible to residents of the Boston area. As you know, subscriptions have become an increasingly popular way of attracting new audiences by providing cost effective access to a variety of entertainment industries. Not only is the subscription-based entertainment industry in Boston vast, but also our competitors operate in a manner that contributes to economic development while bettering the quality of life in our local community and society at large. In this analysis I will specifically discuss our top three subscription-based competitors, and their regards to Corporate Social Responsibility.…show more content…
These include benefits such as 50% off regularly priced tickets, refer-a-subscriber perks, and flexible ticket exchanges. Boston's Corporate Social Responsibly Initiatives are presented through their award-winning Boston Playwrights' Theater Marathon. This marathon provides the community with entertainment as well as opportunity for up and coming writers. Proceeds from their marathon are donated to the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund, an organization who provides financial relief for theater individuals or organizations during times of crisis. Boston Playwrights Theater introduces audiences to the diversity of Boston playwrights, and provides a showcase performance for the entire community. Competitively, Boston Playwrights Theater effectively engages with the community, and specifically seeks to aid undiscovered writers.

Major League Baseball TV
Our top competitor in the subscription-based Cable Networks Industry is Major League Baseball TV Subscriptions. Ticket prices for professional baseball games have become relatively expensive and lower-income sports fans simply cannot afford the luxury of attending games. MLB has created the opportunity for sport fans to watch regular season games live, as well as over 200 Spring Training Games. Their basic subscription costs $109.99 and their premium subscription costs $129.99. The Boston Red Sox fan base is extensive, thus making MLB TV subscription a serious

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