The Top Three Forms Of Print Media

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Magazines are one of the top three forms of print media in the industry with approximately 250 of them geared towards children and teens. The topics in these current magazines range from sexualized girls’ magazines, kids/fun magazines, to educational magazines for girls. With this information, the founders of Kiki Magazine saw an opportunity to captivate another style within the audience group of nine to fourteen year old pre-teen girls. They wanted to create a magazine that looked like the classy newsstand magazines older girls were attracted to yet, also feature design-based content. The magazines main goal is to promote self-confidence as well as the compatibility between intelligence and creativity among young girls. In pursuance of successfully assessing their magazine’s market potential, Kiki must effectively gain market research by collecting secondary data and primary data such as focus groups and open-ended questionnaires. They must also develop and maintain a vital long term plan addressing their continuous need to strengthen their customer base due to the aging of that pre-teen market segment. In order to properly capture the target market, we must have substantial and dependable market research. This will allow us to read and attain to our consumers demands properly. Kiki Magazine should begin by utilizing both secondary and primary data as their main marketing research strategy. The data collection phase is often began through the use of the marketing
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