The Topic Of Advertising And How It Affects Young Children

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This research argument paper presents findings on the topic of advertising and how it affects young children. Advertising of all types, including television commercials are large part of everyday life. Through commercials and other advertising, agencies and companies introduce their product or services to people of all ages, including young children. Many people do not realize these advertisements truly have a profound effect on the development of young children. Advertisers understand that reaching children through these advertisements will increase their profits dramatically and do so without regard to the well-being of the child. The effects of advertisements, such as magazines and billboards, online advertisements and television…show more content…
Advertisements may be in the form of a television commercial, a printed ad in a magazine, signs and billboards or commercials on television and advertisements on the internet. Advertisements are seen in the home; in stores and even in the schools and do not always promote the best of things. Many online websites have increased advertising directed at children. Print advertisements, online advertisements and television commercials can have an adverse effect on children’s behavior and development through the exposure to negative options, as well as children having the need to possess material things they see in the advertisements. Children are negatively affected by advertisements because of the inability to understand the reason and the inclusion of violence and unhealthy food options.
Children’s Understanding of Advertisements
Advertisements and commercials are geared towards children now more than ever and the promoters of the products express exactly what the children want to hear. Although young children do not understand the meaning of commercials and advertising, these advertisements are very persuasive and encourage children to seek out the product, whether good or bad, that is being advertised. Young children are unable to differentiate information that is portrayed to them that may be biased, like information in a commercial on
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