The Topic Of Artificial Intelligence ( Ai )

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The topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very important in today 's society. There are opinions on both sides of this issue. The issue is important because the research going into AI is showing a lot of progress. This paper will explore both sides of three issues related to AI.
How close are we to creating Artificial Intelligence? The first issue related to this topic is whether we are close to creating Artificial Intelligence, or if we have a while yet before we see any form of it. Everyone agrees that we will eventually see AI, but scientists and others interested in the field are trying to decide how long. Supporters of the issue say that with recent advancements in neurology, we are very close to understanding how the human brain works. This knowledge will give scientists and researchers the ability to develop a computer and software program that can function like a brain. (AI That Surpasses Human Intelligence) Opponents of the issue say that although we may know more about the brain now than we ever have before, we are no where close to being able to understand how the brain thinks. The process of thinking is so native to every human being, we never consider how we are able to do it while animals can not. For this reason, opponents to the issue believe we are still very far from actually creating a computer and software that can think and reason like a human. (Horgan)
Will Artificial Intelligence surpass Human Intelligence and become the new super race? The second
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