The Topic Of Breast Cancer Treatments

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I have chosen to research and argue the topic of breast cancer treatments. Breast cancer can be found in both women and men, and affects millions of lives a year. There are many treatment options for breast cancer such as radiation, lumpectomy, and mastectomy; however, many people are starting to choose not to undergo any treatment. A Mastectomy is when a person has their entire breast removed, and a lumpectomy is when only the tumor cell and some of the surrounding tissue is removed from the breast. If a person chooses to get a lumpectomy they have to have radiation for a least five weeks, and their risk of cancer coming back is higher. Chemotherapy and radiation are very hard on a person’s body and can cause more harm to the body than the actual cancer. I am interested in this topic because I want to go into the medical field. I am also interested in breast cancer treatments because it is a frequently diagnosed cancer, but there is a high survival rate. October is breast cancer awareness month; this campaign makes all people more aware of the general health risk this disease imposes. Breast cancer awareness month helps fund ongoing research and treatments to help fight for the cure. I want to learn more about breast cancer treatment options because there are thousands of lives affected by it a year. I want to know why there is more awareness brought to breast cancer than any other type of cancer. I want to learn what the best treatment options are; I want to learn if

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