The Topic Of Identity Theft

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As we have progressed throughout the chapters in this course we have learned more and more about consumer economics. The knowledge it takes to keep consumers safe and up to date is constantly changing to allow consumers to protect themselves from potential problems that they are aware of as well as things that are concealed. During the last few chapters of this course one topic that really stuck out was identity theft. It is very fascinating that people are capable of stealing so much information people they don’t even know. This information that hackers and other intelligent people collect can change the average consumer’s life as well as company’s reliability. During this essay, the topic of identity theft will be covered as a consumer is affected as well as how cybercrimes using the same methods can affect very large companies. This in turn will affect consumers. While researching the fact that as technology aggressively progresses it causes many people plenty of distress when it comes to internet and newer technology. Many companies will ask for information based on email addresses, or information for credit cards they sign you up for. Overall this can be extremely overwhelming for a consumer because no consumer knows for sure if that employee working for a company is completely trustworthy. This is a problem for not only in person transaction, but also many transactions that happen via the internet. The reason this could be a problem in the internet and would make
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