The Topic Of Labor Unions Has Been The Focus Of Many Political

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The topic of labor unions has been the focus of many political debates in recent years, with these discussions having people advocate for and against the unions. Labor unions are organizations that represent a collective group of employees to protect and further their rights and interests. Labor unions were first introduced in the eighteenth century with increasing numbers around the United States and the world, but unfortunately during the past decade, these numbers have drastically decreased. Resulting in less education and achievement of solidarity among employees and companies. Solidarity is the unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest. Workers in the United States would benefit more…show more content…
The benefits and advantages that unions offer for their employees and their families are life changing for years of employment and even beyond that. Work place benefits that are offered are higher wages, safe working conditions, and job security. The negotiation of better pay and terms of termination are two of the main goals of labor unions for their members. The personal benefits received by members are paid vacations and holidays, fair working schedules, advance training, and unemployment for those when facing a strike. Strikes began occurring in the eighteen hundred and although being rare, they are still occurring today. Employees receive health care benefits of medical, vision, and dental insurances as well as coverage of prescriptions. When the time comes for retirement unions offer pension, 401K, and continued health care during retirement. Not only are there advantages for the employees, but also for the employers. The employers themselves receive many advantages as well. The best benefits that employers receive is employee satisfaction. When being a part of a union needs and wants are met allowing people to become more satisfied with their job, with that satisfaction employee will be more willing to work harder for you. Not only will employees be willing to work harder for you, but you will also have less people leave their jobs or the ability to lose their say and position in the organization. With less turnovers of employees as a company you will save money.
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