The Topic Of Mental Health Essay

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The topic of mental health has long been considered taboo. Discussions of mental illness ought to be held in private and if a family member happens to be institutionalized, heaven forbid that it be brought up at dinner. One way mental health has been trying to make its way into the mainstream is by way of Public Service Announcements (PSAs), two of which come from the advocacy organizations Bring Change 2 Mind and Mental Health Australia. The main goal of these PSAs is to spark a public discussion about mental health. Although both PSAs use the rhetorical appeal of mythos through their stereotypical portrayal of gender roles, Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M) focuses on mental illness itself and primarily utilizes a pathos appeal whereas Mental Health Australia (MHA) highlights the individual as the initiator of the conversation and emphasizes a more logical appeal. BC2M’s PSA features a college-aged, bespectacled female wearing a graphic T-shirt in what I would presume to be a classroom setting due to the papers posted on the walls. The saying “My depression does not define me” is written in a cut-like black font that takes up the center and upper right corner. A gray hue, described by color psychologists as “unemotional and detached” (“Meaning”), covers the entire image, except for the tagline “Let’s talk about mental health; share your story” which is printed in small, standard font in the lower corner next to the BC2M logo. In contrast, MHA’s PSA is split into an upper half
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