The Topic Of Recruitment Of Skilled Workers

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While the topic of recruitment of skilled workers is an informative and useful subject, it will be extremely difficult to present a research project on this because the topic is very broad. When thinking of a topic to formulate a more focused, narrower research project, I chose the topic of what attracts highly skilled workers to organizations. While this topic still focuses on the recruitment of skilled workers, it has a more direct focus. Before beginning this research project, it is beneficial to be able to determine what type of question, my research question is. According to the textbook, my question would be classified as an interpretive question. In the textbook, this term is defined as, “Seeks to uncover people’s views and perspectives. A valid question for exploratory, large qualitative studies.” (Gray, Pg. 57). A lot of the data presented in this research project will come from the skilled workers themselves, and their input as to what they look for in an organization before joining. Next, while researching my question, I would decide which methodological approach I am going to take. According to the statement in the textbook that reads, “If the project seeks to conduct an ethnographic study which focuses on the meanings and interpretations participants give within a particular cultural.” (Gray, Pg. 58); I would say that I would be using a qualitative approach. For this research project, I would utilize the research methodologies of action research and
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