The Topic Of Sexuality

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Introduce the topic of sexuality (para)-

Horrocks (1997) points out in his book that sexuality encircles multiple aspects of human existence. Sexuality is then, not a uniform or simple phenomenon and is influenced by the interaction of psychological, biological, social, cultural factors and many more. Horrocks (1997), suggests that to try and understand or explain a definitive conclusion about sexuality seems impossible as sexuality has different meanings to so many groups of people.

Introduce the perspectives being used in essay (para)-

There are a wide variety of models and perspectives relating to sexuality. Many perspectives on sexuality use biology and physiology as the basis, which are then often perceived as being factual. Two
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However this can commonly lead to confusion and lack of understanding of the terms. Diamond (2002), states that, “It can be said that one is a sex and one does gender; that sex typically, but not always, represents what is between one’s legs, whereas gender represents what is between one’s ears.”p.232. The term ‘sex’ refers to the biological makeup of that person. ‘Sex role’ or ‘sex typical’ behaviour is then, usually the acting out of a person’s biological predisposition. Whereas the term gender is society’s common perception of how females or males are expected to behave or act and how they should be treated.

King (2009), points out that the nature of sexuality is dependent on how its accepted biological basis is interpreted at a particular time by a particular society.
Recognition of a clear distinction between the two words is useful and valuable for the psychological understanding of identity, particularly with relation to intersexuality and transsexuality (Diamond, 2002).

Describe and explain what gender roles, identity and orientation are:

Gagnon and Simon (2011) assert that,
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