The Topic Of Visual Arts

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Nicole Pachulski N01073037 PSYC 1000-OYD TOPIC: Visual Arts Topic description: For my Psychology Journal, I have chosen the topic of visual arts. I have been involved in various types of art since I can remember, but drawing and painting are definitely my favourite hobbies and creative outlets. I have experimented with numerous styles of art in my lifetime in order to develop a sense of my own style, and have learned that I enjoy watercolours and mixed media the most. Psychological schools of thought:  Structuralism: Structuralism was developed by Edward Tichener (1842-1910). It focuses on the structure of the mind. A structuralist would rely on the method of introspection, which helps determine the basic elements of conscious experiences through different senses, such as feeling, sight, smell, taste, etc. An example of this in relation to visual arts would be observing the feeling one experiences when stroking a paint brush on a canvas.  Functionalism: Functionalism was developed by William James (1842-1910). A functionalist would focus on someone’s behaviour and mental state influenced by the society and environment around them. They will often look at the purpose of consciousness and behaviour, rather than its structure. Functionalism An example of this in relation to visual arts is the act of creating. Many times if an artist wants to sell their work, they will create art based on what they think their viewers or focus group will want to see. 
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