The Topic of Management

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Contemporary management is an ongoing process by which managers create, direct and maintain organizations through coordinated human effort to ensure that their organization’s resources are used appropriately to attain the highest level of performance and productivity. It is the fundamental integrating process designed to achieve organized, purposeful and meaningful results. Management is working with and through individuals or groups to accomplish organizational goals (Book, #). In recent years, management has evolved from the manager being the sole governance of the organization to a more team-oriented approach (Book, #). An understanding of management can help ensure continuity, promote good human relations and contribute to increased performance.
A manager is someone who coordinates, integrates and directs the work of other members. A position as a manager requires a specific set of skills, including technical skill, human skill, conceptual skill, political skill and leadership. As the head of an organization, leadership is a responsibility that falls on the manager (Book, #). Leadership is the process of influencing the behavior and attitudes of others to achieve intended outcomes and is the key to managerial success (Ray, #).
A directive approach to management is a one-person…
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