The Torah For Being The Judaism 's Holy Book

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Most know the Torah for being the Judaism’s holy book, the first five books of the Bible, and the laws. More advanced Jewish scholars may be familiar with the Talmud. But, few Jews learn the Kabbalah teachings. Traditionally, adults of the age of forty would begin to start learning about the Kabbalah and read from the Zohar (Slick). The Zohar from Hebrew directly translates to splendor or radiance. The Zohar is one of the most important works of Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism. It is a mystical commentary on the Torah, it was written in medieval Aramaic and medieval Hebrew. It discusses of the nature of God, the origin and structure of the universe, the nature of souls, sin, redemption, good, and evil. The Zohar is not one book, but a group…show more content…
This spark of curiosity drove me to uncover new things about Judaism that I had never encountered before. This lead me straight the Kabbalah to learn about something not many people know about. After preliminary online research, I started to realize that the Kabbalah had a somewhat negative reputation, while in other write ups, the Kabbalah was perceived as unimportant. This got me thinking as to how the Kabbalah got this skewed reputation and what it did, if anything to deserve it? Also, why haven’t I heard of this before if I’ve been surrounded by Judaism for most of my life? Is the Kabbalah some lost distant tradition? If so, why are there news stories of major celebrities like Madonna practicing it? In my quest to quench my thirst my knowledge, I kept my focus on investigating: what is the background and history of the Kabbalah that may have led it to become so misunderstood?
Criterion B: Plan for Study
I plan to first delve into the heart of the Kabbalah teachings to get a strong base and an understanding of the subject. Highly credible Jewish websites will guide my initial research and help to slowly emerge me into learning the teachings. Next I plan to focus on Jewish academic journals and scholarly information. In particular, Professor Gershom Scholem, he is an expert and experienced writer on the subject and is well respected by Jews and non-Jews alike. My research journey will then take me to
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