The Torah Is The Most Important Text Of The Jewish Faith

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Before we can compare the role of the Torah in Orthodox and Conservative Judaism, we need to know what the Torah is and what is contains. The Torah is the most important text of the Jewish faith. It contains the first five books of Moses in the Hebrew bible, or the Tanach. The first book, Genesis, talks about how the world was created by god then subsequently destroyed by him because of the wickedness within it. Exodus talks about how Moses, who was raised by the Egyptian Pharaoh, left Egypt, only to return for the Israelites and take them back to the land God Had ordained for them. Also in this book, Moses received the Ten Commandments from God on Mt. Sinai. Leviticus talks about rituals, sacrifices, and atonements that are performed by…show more content…
The binding nature of halakhah is accepted among Conservative Jews, but they believe that the Law should be able to change and adapt with the world, while still remaining true to Jewish values. All of the Orthodox Jews share the key feature of the dedication to both the written and oral Torah (Orthodox Judiaism).
Read loud in the synagogue, Shabbat Morning prayer is the Torah portion for the week. There can be several variations within Conservative synagogues. Some are unrecognizable from Reform Judaism, with the exception that more Hebrew is used. Other synagogues are practically Orthodox. Men and women sitting together is the exception. Some are very traditional in the reading of the Torah and prayers, but not in form, while others are more traditional in the form of the service, but not in the substance contain within it. Both sects of Judaism are very accepting of visitors, in fact, they encourage it. If a non-Jew were to visit, they should dress as if they were going to their own church with modesty and proper attire. Also, even though the synagogue may differ from your current house of worship, you should refrain from criticizing the décor. You would not walk into a stranger’s house and criticizes there home, would you?
Many of weekly readings are not found in the Torah, but in the Oral Law which orthodox Jews are dedicated to, as well as the Torah. Many of the laws found within the Torah would not be able to be understood
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