Essay The Toronto Sun and Caribana Case Study Project

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QMDS400 The Toronto Sun and Caribana Case Study Project Content 1. Objective 3 2. Work Breakdown Strcture 3 3. Specific Activities 3 4. Milestones 5 5. Dependent Relationship & Legs 5 6. RACI chart 6 7. Scheduling 11 7.1 Estimation of Most Likely Case Duration 11 7.2 Durations of Added Tasks 11 7.3 Critical Path 12 7.4 ES, EF, LS, LF & Slack 13 8. Gantt Chart & Network Diagram 17 8.1 Gantt Chart 17 8.2 Network Diagram Overall Structure 17 9. Most Likely case & Worse Cae Time Estimation 18 10. Compressing Schedule 18 Appendix 1. Work Assignment 19 2. Most Likely Times Schedule MS files 3. Worst …show more content…

After receiving the response from HR, Morrison could return forms to volunteers. 6. RACI chart 6.1 Planning Morrison Presso FMC Design dprt Reflection on task R/A C I I Research R/A C/I N/A N/A Meet with Presso R/A C/R I I Contact FMC R/A N/A R I Confirm Discussion with Presso R/A R/I N/A I 6.2 Design the Float 6.21 Hiring Morrison Presso Design Dprt Advertising Dprt Define selection criteria R/A C/I N/A N/A Obtain a list of approved vendors R/A C/I N/A N/A Call the contractor R/A I N/A N/A Rate and choose the contractor R/A I N/A N/A Choose the flatbed truck and driver R/A I N/A N/A 6.22 Design procedure Morrison Presso Design Dprt Marketing Review and brainstorm R/A C/I N/A I Meet with design department R/A C/I R N/A Receive the draft design R/A C R N/A Review and return the draft R/A C R N/A Re-drafting A C/I R I Final approval by Presso R A I N/A 6. 3 Construction of the float (phase I) Morrison Presso Design Dprt Contractor Purchase the Materials A C/I N/A R Prepare the major pieces of the float A C/I N/A R 6.4 Entertainment Morrison

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