The Toronto Sun and Caribana Ivey Case Essay

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Commerce 4KF3 Winter 2012 Assignment 1 Group Case Study ------------------------------------------------- Source: 4KF3 Courseware Case: The Toronto Sun and Caribana Course Value: 15% Submission Instructions: Not to exceed 6 pages including attachments. PART A (25 marks) Answer the following questions with your group. Try to limit answers to the space provided. Point form is acceptable but answers must convey a complete thought where required. Questions 1. What is the objective of the project? Why is the project important? (3 marks) Objective To organize Toronto Sun’s involvement at the Caribana Festival through (1) designing and deployment of a parade float, (2) recruitment and management of volunteers,…show more content…
The impact of such as structure on this project is two folds: advantageous or disadvantageous. Some of the advantages are that there are no major changes within the organization required in terms of functional structure. This structure allows for flexibility to use staff from different functional units who have in-depth expertise in their field. Finally, post project transition is smooth as she will go back to her job once the project is finished. On the other hand, the project may take longer, which is attributed to the slow response time of normal management channels. There’s a lack of focus and poor integration from other departments whose priorities are determined differently. For example, having a designer on the team and Samantha having the final say would have saved days of wait and potential rework of a design. | PART B (75 marks) Develop a project timeline based on the information provided in this case. This may be done manually or using MS Project. To do this you need to: 1. Identify the milestones, major activity streams and activities (approx. 45 to 55). 2. Determine the precedence of activities. 3. Determine how long each activity will take. Use activity PERT calculations if necessary. 4. Develop the project network. Use the following table format to list the activities: (25 marks) Task

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