The Tort And The Civil Justice System

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A Tort, which is different from a crime, of crimes is defined as wrong actions usually perpetrated by someone against another one. People involved in a tort case are often take legal actions in reparation of damages simply because there is no criminal act involved. The victim party, which is the one injured filled a civil suit according to the legislation of the state involved. The party injured in a case sought for reparation of damages usually compensatory or monetary instead of the incarceration of the party responsible for the injury. In the U.S, the law of tort is actually a contentious political issue because people shared different views about whether or not there should be reformation to the actual tort law system.
The tort reform suggests some changes in the civil justice system with the objective to limit the compensation that victims can receive from lawsuit cases. People who are opposed to this reform argue that the actual system give average people the possibility to impact on powerful businesses in a way that they would change their dangerous practices and policies. A reform of the tort system will therefore undermine people efforts to get fair treatments from their employers and will encourage anarchism in the society.
People who support the tort law reform based their argument on the ground that victim’s parties often misuse the power given to them by the state to sue someone under fallacious grounds and successfully get away with it. According to them…
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