The Tort Of Tort Law

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Tort is defined as an act that is wrong, except for a breach of contract or trust in or an infringement of a right. It may result in an injury to an individual or group of people, their assets and belongings, status etc for which they are legally entitled for a compensation. The term negligence is the failure to provide reasonable care, breach on duty of care resulting in damage or injury (What is tort 2013). Therefore tort of negligence is a disruption of duty and responsibility or a failure of a party to maintain standard of consideration required by law, resulting in harm, injury or damage suffered by another party. Therefore the law of tort is simply used to compensate the loss or injury without punishing the defendant. (Introduction…show more content…
Like the case of Paris v Stepney Borough Council (1951) AC 367 shows where a one sighted man got injured by a splinter of metal that went into his sighted eye causing him to become completely blind while working as a garage hand. The employer failed to provide safety goggles to workers involved in such activity at work. The court later on issued that the defendant was responsible for the claimant 's blindness since he was not provided with adequate protection and safety at his work. Safety goggles are not expensive to invest in and the significance of injury to him would have been bigger than that experienced by staffs having sight in both the eyes.
In the case of Bolton v Stone (1951) AC850, it was seen that a cricket ball hit Miss Stone outside her residential. As a result she filed a case to the cricket club for carelessness and negligence. When taken into the account on the dimensions of the cricket field it was evident that the cricket field had a 7 foot fence enclosed all around. The actual height of the fence was 17 feet above the cricket pitch as the pitch itself was under ten feet below the ground. The distance between the sticker and the fence was roughly 78 yards and Miss Stone was standing under 100 yards from where the ball was hit. A witness experienced similar experience for five or six times in the last 30 years. Moreover, two adult members of the club agreed to the fact that the hit was extraordinary and
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