The Total Bill For Commercial And Industrial Customers

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David Rutstein Term Paper #4 California is in the midst of grappling with its most alarming water shortage since it officially became a state in 1850 and experts fear the worst in the near future. This dooming forecast creates an even greater challenge for the hospitality industry as they constantly struggle to transverse such a competitive landscape. Did you know that “the total bill for Commercial and Industrial customers is a combination of the monthly meter base fee (which is based on the size of the meter) and the amount of water used?” (Water Rates, 1). Hotel and restaurant owners are now paying a daunting average of $4.47 per HCF (hundred cubic feet). With such an enormous price increase over the past year, water bills have sky…show more content…
Other areas include “staying positive, responding quickly, offering personalized services, taking ownership without blaming others or the organization and following up” (dealing with complaints, 15) all leads to a more satisfied guest. Patrons are more inclined to be empathetic to an unfortunate set of circumstances, when it is presented in a sincere, honest, and respectable manner. Unfortunately, more often than not, lodging facilities face the precarious situation of trying to appease rebellious customers who are unwilling to accept hotel restrictions (even due to a state wide water shortage) and demand compensation. The term “the customer is always right” is not something that I fully agree with, however, perception is reality, especially in the business world. Back to walking a fine line, if a guest walks away dissatisfied, there may be many long-term consequences. Social media has become a mainstay within today’s society with the public becoming knowledgeable instantaneously. A patron’s poor hospitality experience can and often gets voiced on such websites as, which potentially impacts millions of potential clients. In essence, hospitality executives lose either way. They either deal with the repercussions of negative reviews/word of mouth, or have to over compensate disgruntled customers with compensatory lodging, free meals, or a myriad of unpaid hotel amenities. Services that could have potentially reaped huge profits. Once PR
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