The Total Effects Of Boot Camps That House Juveniles

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The Total Effects of Boot Camps That House Juveniles: A Systematic Review of the Evidence.
In the 1980s the first shock incarceration programs or boot camp was introduced for the adult’s correctional system. Since than it have rapidly grown, and widely adopted across the fields of corrections and juvenile justice. The attraction towards the shock incarceration program originated from the instinctive belief that military methods promote honorable behavior. However, for others, it is the effect of hopelessness fueled by the shortfall of more constructive opportunities.
Historically, training school and juvenile correctional facilities operation have been according to the quasi-military structure in response to the high crime rates in 1960s and 1970s. Regardless of boot camps initial popularity, academics and practitioners have criticized the boot camp program on practical and ideological grounds. For instance, critics argued that boot camps structure and process are ideologically incomparable with rehabilitative treatment. Academics and practitioners argued that boot camps may be efficient at achieving their expected goals for the military, but they are contradictory to rehabilitation because it is not targeting the cause of delinquency. Likewise, boot camp can also hinder rehabilitation by relying only on negative reinforcement. Moreover, experts have argued that boot camp may be partly responsible for the abuse of participants since many boot camps stick to the
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