The Total Number Of Clinical Trials

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The total number of clinical trials in Portugal has recently experienced a reduction in a 12 13 worrying trend revealing a significant loss of competitiveness in this field. Between 2006 and 14 2012 the number of trials decreased by 26%, i.e. from 160 to 118 studies. The trough in these 16 numbers only arrived in 2011, when just 88 studies took place. This trend shall only either 17 18 prevent or hinder the achievement of social and/or political benefits, such as the improvement 19 20 of medical and supportive care, job creation, the organization of health facilities and early 21 access to innovative medicines and research methodologies 1. The reasons for this decrease 22 23 stem from numerous aspects, including the cost and difficulties of attracting volunteers to 24 25 participate in such studies. 26 27 28 The effectiveness of a clinical trial depends on the size of its sample, sample homogeneity, 29 30 the similarity of the results and the differences among the mean values for each group. In this 31 kind of study, it proves very difficult to achieve the minimum participant numbers required to 32 33 obtain the ideal sample size. This situation occurs for various reasons including the study cost, 34 35 the low frequency of certain diseases, uncertainty about the effects of treatment, and among 36 others 2. 37 38 39 40 Considering this framework, certain actions might be implemented in order to reverse this 41 scenario. Some techniques and marketing strategies
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