The Totalitarian Systems That Changed Lives Essay

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In this essay I will be writing about the totalitarian systems and how they changed people’s lives. I am going to look into detail about the totalitarian systems, their facts, their main structures, how they came to power, why they came to power and what changed after they were abolished in two specific countries. A totalitarian system or totalitarianism, as its name states ‘total’, is a form of government where the state keeps public, cultural and other aspects of life under strict control. The totalitarian systems that I will focus on and that are most “famous” are Nazism in Germany and Communism in Soviet Russia. There were also other similar totalitarian regimes which I will not be talking about. Communism is the first totalitarian…show more content…
There were a lot of bad things Stalin did that was bad but it got worse later on. How do we know that Stalin’s Russia was communist? The country controlled the media, culture, public life, limited human rights and persecuted its enemies. These are signs of a totalitarian state with a totalitarian regime. It was also censorship. Censorship is when a state controls all aspects of human lives and covers the truth and bad sides of the state to make it look good and “the best”. In censorship, the country rewrites the newspapers, radio is corrupted and children in schools are taught wrong and are lied to. As in other totalitarian systems, nobody was allowed to have his own opinion. If you said something about Stalin that was bad or didn’t reflect him in a good way, then you were sent to his labor camps or Gulags in Siberia. Basically, you were not allowed to think with your own brain. In communism, like in other totalitarian regimes, order was kept through the army and more effectively, the police. Stalin had his own secret police, the KGB. Order was also kept through murder, exile and arrests. Stalin’s regime lasted from 1924 – 1953. Stalin, like other leaders, used propaganda to brainwash his population. There were posters on streets, statues etc. He also used cult of personality which is the excessive glorification of a single person which is stimulated by the government and does not exist. It is said that 20 million people lost their lives during Stalin’s rule. Arguably
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