The Toughest Journey In Erik Weihenmayer's Epic Journey

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Mount Everest is known to be spiritual mountain where dreams can be fulfilled but they can also be crushed. The Himalayas , which include Mount Everest, has been known to have brought together moses’s encounter with God. This mountain has been conquered by man before but it has not quite seen a man like Erik Weihenmayer. Erik has displayed a handful of emotion on this epic journey through his toughest challenge yet. He was diagnosed with blindness when he was just a teenager. Erik displays characteristics of Helen Keller's known quote “ No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit “. Erik Weihenmayer has changed the way humanity sees and copes with a person…show more content…
Imagine yourself walking through an enormous icy abyss and watching for every step for a serac. Erik’s crew agreed to leave him in Camp 1 while they did “all the carries for him”. His will and perseverance is what got Erik to the Summit making through all four Camps. There were times where Weihenmayer didn't know if he was going to make it through all the harsh factors that the Mountain was throwing at him. In fact, Erik’s phyiche helped him on this journey. According to the text Erik had rockclimbing under his belt of accomplishments that he had reached in his time. To climb Mount Everest you need to have strength inside and out , being able to withstand cold winds and horrifying temperatures were parts of the job that you had to manage with. The effort between camp and camp obligates the physical strength that Erik Weihenmayer had in his gas tank. Erik’s willingness and persistence strived him to the physical factors internally and externally needed to make it to the Summit. In Conclusion, Helen and Erik show egalitarianism by proving that a disability is an opportunity to prove people wrong. Erik Weihenmayer and Helen Keller's perseverance shined equality on the people of this world to show that just because you have an illness doesn't mean you can be at your highest peak of yourself or in this case, Mount
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