The Tour

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Charles Lucas

Brenda Craven

English Composition 101VA

1 July 2013

The Tour

As a young man, leaving your home country for the first time is a very scary endeavor. I had barely left the small state of West Virginia, much less, traveled abroad to a whole other continent. I was about to embark upon the second adventure of my adult life. The first being my first airplane ride to attend basic training at Fort Bliss, in El Paso, Texas. I was happy to be doing be doing things as an adult, and I was proud to serve my country, yet I was very anxious about what may lie ahead for me. I guess at that age, and my lack of experience, I could not understand why I was going to Korea. There was no war going on there, and I was an
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It seemed that there were people everywhere. Most were walking or on bicycles, but it seemed no one was just standing around. Everyone had a purpose, not just meandering around, just very busy people. The buildings were a little better than primitive, and the roads were small and windy. Cars were not commonplace, and they shared the roads with bikes and motor scooters, but it was their transportation system, and it worked for them.

As I spent my tour in Korea, I began to understand the politics of us being in Korea. We were there to offer protection from the North and to help make sure that the South Korean economy was stabilized. I made good on my promise to experience the culture, and my tour in Korea helped me develop into the man that loved to travel the world. It was the start of my maturation process, a far cry from the young kid that started this journey twenty eight years ago. Since then I have been to many countries, and back to Korea, all while I was on active duty for the Army. I hope, now that I have retired from the armed forces, I may have a chance to take my wife and kids to show them some of the places I have
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