The Tour Of Federal Reserve Houston Branch

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The fed tour The tour of Federal Reserve Houston branch was so interesting. After that tour, I was impressive by the Fed’s function. As the textbook mentioned, The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States and is responsible for setting monetary policy and regulating the banking system. [1] So the Fed has play extremely important role in the national economic. Many countries has their own central bank, such as England established their central bank in 1694, japan established bank of Japan in 1882. The function of central bank is supervising and regulating the bank system. And central bank is also controlling the money supply for their nation. It can issue banknotes, serve as a bank for financial institutions and government, maintain the value of the currency, supervise banking institutions, establish and conduct monetary policy. United Stated established the Federal Reserve till 1913. It was a big step for the nation. That’s means, all national bank were become members of the Fed. And the story of Fed has been started in that year. It play an important roles in several times financial crisis. As one of the branches of Dallas districts, Houston Federal Reserve has their own responsibility for helping the economic. The challenge of Houston branch is coordinate the different ideas between regional and national. And the different target and benefit conflict between the government and private banking. Houston branch need report their information that
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