The Tourism And Hospitality Industry

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Cross Cultural Management Theory and application in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry A case study of Ettington Park Hotel, Stratford Upon Avon, England Research Proposal Research Aim & Objectives Aim: To provide a clear understanding to the relevance of cross cultural management, its theories and application in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Objectives: Applications of cross cultural management in the hotels should impact the productivity of the employees and create awareness of cultural diversities within the work place. To convert cross cultural awareness and the increase of employees’ productivity into achieving hotel business goals. Research LiteratureResources Cushner, K., Robertson, L., Kirca, S., &Cakmak, M. (2003). A cross-cultural material development project to train Turkish development personnel in the Southeastern Anatolia Regional Development Project (GAP).International Journal of Intercultural Relations. Chang, W. (2004).A Cross-Cultural Case Study of a Multinational Training Program in the United States and Taiwan.Adult Education Quarterly. Dolnicar.S,Grun.DandLe,H.(2008). Cross-cultural comparisons of tourist satisfaction: assessing analytical robustness, University of Wollongong, Australia. Jean-Claude Usunier, 1998. International and Cross-Cultural Management Research, SAGE Publications Ltd, London, UK. Johann.R.2008.Cross-Cultural Management. GRIN Verlag, Germany. Messner, W., &Schäfer, N. (2012) The ICCA Facilitator 's Manual.
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