The Tourism And Hospitality Regulation Course

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In this paper we have been inform by our lecture to find a partner in term to complete this following essay.
The purpose of this assignment is to learn about various practical applications of some of the component of the tourism and hospitality regulation course through the use of this case study. This case study me and my partner will make a project of building a tourism attraction has been proposed by MOTAT for the Meola Reserve at Pt Chevalier/Westmere area facing the Waitemata Harbour. This project has total investment of $50 million to complete the whole project.
The proposed project consist of, an artificial indoor marine life viewing area, Improvement and development of the site’s water front, MOTAT plan to have an additional seafood restaurant/licensed bar area and a takeaway shop in good location within the plan. Also a general shopping area with a visitors centre will be part of the project, about 20 gaming machine as well as a TAB and lotto shop, are on the plan to be installed in the main bar area and foyer of the restaurant. A second stage of this project will be to build a 100 room family hotel to be franchised to the scenic Hotel. Lastly in this new project will employ new staff of up to 200 employees and also it is expected that sales and marketing transactions would also be carried out online.
This entire plan can be done and legal if follow the law and regulation under each particular sector in order to make the business run lawful.
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