The Tourism Industry Has Created A Tarnished Reputation Of Tourists

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TRAVELLER, TOURIST AND BACKPACKER The concept of the traveller is seen very differently in comparrison to the tourist. Both have the same interest in being in another country and experiencing another culture, but to what extent are they experiencing it in the same way? The tourism industry has created these different types of categories of people who travel to other countries that have evolved over hundreds of years. Modern travel has become more affordable to people of all different backgrounds and with growing technology it has helped create this booming economy that the whole world in some way benefits off of. In todays society it is now more affordable and easier to reach another country compared to 100 years ago. This has created both titles of the tourist and travller as the tourist has become a negative title to carry as sterotypes on todays society have created a tarnished reputation of tourists. It is widely talked about how the tourist and traveller have two different meanings, but are they really that different? If so which title would fit the backpaper? As a traveller or tourist? This will be analysed throughout so there can be an evaluation and judgement made to help find the answers to these questions. THE TOURIST The toursit label comes with the stigma that they are loud, complain and do not fully emerse themselves in the enviroment they are in. There are many stereotypes of a tourist and for many people being seen as a tourist is a bad thing because of the

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