The Tourism Industry In Queensland

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1.0 Introduction
Tourism is a key player in the development of any nation because of the revenue that the industry accrues as well as the exchange of social and political ideologies between the tourists and the populace. As such, tourism in the Queensland has been a major player in the economic, social and political development of the nation (Schaffer 2010). The tourism industry has set up measures to meet the increasing and sophisticated needs of tourists in all tourism sectors through identification of niche markets then developed best tourism products for such markets (Hayes 2010). This paper therefore identifies a tourism sector in the Queensland hospitality industry and explores the market coverage, challenges and solutions that
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This group handles over half a million tourists per year with 20 per cent of them being sport tourists. The AOT branch that deals with sports tourists in Queensland is located in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. AOT has its own accommodation resorts in many sport resorts that are fully equipped with all tours products and services. However, the increasing number of sports tourists in Queensland has been a challenge to AOT in trying to service all of them. This increase in market segment has strained the management of the tours company leading to outsourcing some of the services such as accommodation and travel agents.
3.2 Australia Online Tour Operator
This is another inbound tour operator in both Australia and neighboring New Zealand. This tour operator has a firm value for quality and customer satisfaction which has placed it in a very competitive position in the tourism industry. It has vibrant network of travel agents and accommodation hotels throughout the two countries that pursues its purpose of customer satisfaction. Australia online has been receiving a lot of cricket and skiing tourists from different areas in the world through its wide range of accommodation for all budgets in different parts of Queensland that include lodges, hotels, island resorts, guest houses, apartments and farm stays. Like many other sport tourism operators, Australian online has an increasing number of visitors every year which puts pressure on the available
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