The Tourism Industry Within the Service Sector

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Report on the tourism industry in the service sector.
This report is going to focus upon the tourism industry within the service sector, looking at, the tourism product, the business operations cycle, the service concept, and then the idea of the service concept will be applied to the tourist attraction Alton towers.
Section 1 : The key differences between a tourism product and a manufactured product.
The tourism product is defined by many as an intangible product to the customer, a service/ experience the customer can only have once purchased this is stated in Middletons definition, the tourism product "may be defined as a bundle or package of tangible and intangible components, based on activity at a destination. The package is
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Potential crisis and disaster management, plans have to be in place for such potential crises. Operating systems such as stock control and ordering and other operating systems must be well managed to avoid any misunderstanding and to maximise profits and efficiency. Monitoring of the business must be constant and regular to ensure the efficiency of the business does not falter maintaining feedback from customers, obtaining information from potential customers, encouraging staff recommendations and improvements, and utilising all information gained to the advantage of the business/project. These all assist in maintaining the business and keeping it on track and as efficient as possible. Finally control of the project is a key aspect of the cycle which constitutes that measures must be taken so that targets are met and feedback received is appropriately considered to keep the control of the project constant.

Section 3: The concept stage of the cycle and the nature and characteristics of the ‘service concept'.
The service concept is the preconceptions the potential consumer has about the product in question in this case the tourism product. The way in which the concept is portrayed towards the potential customer has a large influence on the expectations such customer may have about the product. For example if the concept of the tourism product is easily accessible and promoted well, highlighting the desires of
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