Tower Of London Research Paper

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“The Tower of London in London, England is a castle where kings and queens once lived. It was a fortress that protected them from their enemies and a safe place to keep their riches” (Burns). The complete knowledge of the Tower of London can be best understood by exploring the Tower of London’s history, imprisonment, torture at the tower, and special objects at the tower.
There is much to learn about the history of the Tower of London. People thought this tower was a necessity because if the violence towards the kings and queens. Burns explains, the building was finished in the year 1078. A king named William the Couqueror wanted the tower to be built. Also, Burns identifies that William the Conqueror wanted the tower to be impenetrable to any enemy attack. Cruickshank tells us, there is artwork special to the palace worked into the floors and walls. If the tower were to ever collapse, the people of London would not know what to do.
The beautiful black birds living on the property take much priority from the caretakers. Sax states that, there are special ravens that live on the tower. These ravens are protected by a law made thought up by King Charles II. Girmade says, there are myths going around the city of London, that if six ravens ever leave there will be no more kings and queens. People believe that the crown and royalty will fall if the ravens ever leave, so they clip the wings of seven special ravens (Sax). Even though the ravens are important to the palace, they
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