The Tower Of The Eiffel Tower

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Scene I It is a spacious twin hotel bedroom, there is a big window wall with the view of Las Vegas Boulevard, the Eiffel tower is visible, it belongs to the Paris Las Vegas hotel. From the window’s view, there is also Planet Hollywood to a side. In front there is the Caesars Palace and the Bellagio with its fountain show playing along with an Etta James’s song, “At Last.” Behind the window wall, there is an armchair to the right and on the left there is a desk with a desk chair. A lamp, a couple of magazines, and a mini bar is all onto the desk—all sharply organized. The TV is on, while the five lamps that are found scattered over the room, are all off, but the curtains of the window are drawn, thus, obscurity is only a myth in the room. It is indeed ironic, since the city’s accomplice of all the sins, which undoubtedly occurs here, is, in fact, obscurity. Vegas is sin city. Hernan and Patricia enter through the door. Hernan is holding the card key of the room 1036 in one hand, he also brings a backpack over his right shoulder. Patricia carries her purse and a small blue suitcase, it all indicates that their stay will only be for a short amount of time. Hernan is a twenty-seven-year-old man. He has a round belly, dark skin, and has dyed his hair to a light brown color. The way he speaks and moves have a stereotypical, normative feminine attitude—it is intrinsically him. Patricia is in her early twenties. She is a little overweight and has three months of pregnancy on

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