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The Town that Loves Chicken The part of Pennsylvania, where Fredericksburg lies is known as PA Dutch country USA (PA Towns 1). In this small town of Fredericksburg lies three chicken plants. When you’re anywhere in the town, you could walk to any of the three chicken plants within five minutes. This could be why Fredericksburg takes chicken so seriously. At Bell and Evans Airport in Fredericksburg , which is owned by a chicken plant, there is an annual festival that is anticipated each year by most all the locals. This festival is known as the Hinkelfest.

Hinkel is the German word for chicken. So yes, Fredericksburg has a festival all about chickens (Experience PA 1). At this three day long festival, persons can
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Kim Zellers, a student from the local High School said, “I go each year because it is a place to hang out, and spend time with friends you haven’t seen for a while, kind of like a reunion.”

If a person would go to the Hinkelfest who is not from the area, would just see it as just another carnival with rides, food, music, and games, but for locals, the Hinkelfest means something more to them. Tricia Hartman said, “I go to the Hinkelfest every year because it represents something special about the town we live in. Fredericksburg is known for producing chicken, so when we attend the Hinkelfest, we learn about chickens and how they are raised in mass quantities.” The Hinkelfest has a special area set up to view the different stages of the life of a chicken. Anyone can see a chicken still in its egg, unhatched, all the way up to a very old chicken. This can be educational for young ones, fascinating to kids, and amusing for elders. The Hinkelfest has something to do for everyone, whether you’re a small child and you want to play in a ball pit, a teenager who wants to ride thrilling rides, an adult that wants to watch the entertainment, or an elder person who likes to play bingo, and of course everyone to eat the delicious food (Hinkelfest 2003 1). Tricia Hartman, an 18 year old native of Fredericksburg added, “I have fun on the rides, playing the games and hanging out with a lot of

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