Essay on The Townshed Act and the Boston Massacre

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The Townshend Act and the Boston Massacre
Whenever the colonies were being established there were always issues, much like today. They worried about over taxation, jobs, money, their children, and many other things. Things haven’t really changed other than some of our morals. Back in the 1770’s many men in power were selfish and cared for nothing but money. Granted, some people make the argument that America is still that way, but we know it’s not all true. Way back when, America was still mainly ruled by England, any war that England fought in, America paid the price. These men in positions of power would force Americans to pay overbearing taxes to cover the debts of wars and even sometimes just to get money from them. So, here’s how
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The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5th, 1770 whenever a group of American colonists who called themselves ‘The Protestors’ started an uprising at the Customs House. The Protestors instigated this Massacre by having taunted the British soldiers until one Protestor threw a snowball and hit Private Hugh Montgomery. Once he was hit he opened fire on the unarmed colonists and his fellow soldiers followed in his malicious shoes. In all, they killed five colonists, Crispius Attucks, Patrick Carr, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, and James Caldwell, and left 3 colonists injured. The trial for the soldiers ended in December of 1770 where they were all found guilty of manslaughter and their punishment was to have their thumbs branded with an ‘M’ for murderer. This massacre made many people consider the thought of freedom and some voiced this thought. The Sons of Liberty advertised this massacre as a doorway to battle for American Liberty ("The Boston Massacre."). Both of these events played large roles in the start of The Revolutionary War. The colonists saw that England was oppressing them and didn’t want them to be independent. The colonists saw that England would do about anything to make sure that they were in control of America and the colonists. Whenever the Townshend act ended the colonists knew it wouldn’t be the end of over taxation or violent murders. The Boston Massacre showed the colonists that the English don’t care who they hurt as long
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