The Toxic Waste Dump By Mary Jane

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Mary Jane Ramirez was assigned the task of boosting morale and improving work place results on the third floor of her company, which was referred to as “the toxic waste dump”. During a chance meeting with Lonnie from the world famous Pike Place Fish in Seattle Washington, which was in walking distance from her work site, she began to believe that turning her department around for the better was possible. Lonnie taught her about the 4 step system of the fish market. Mary Jane knew she wanted to implement his ideas, and get her staff involved in the fish philosophy of: choose your attitude, play, make their day, and be present. Mary Jane stepped out of her comfort zone and took a promotion with her firm. Her boss, Bill, passed down that the upper management of the firm expected to see improvements in the department that she now managed. The department lacked morale, did nothing to build relationships with their internal customers, and was the joke of the whole firm, upper management even referred to them as “the toxic waste dump”. Mary Jane revisited lecture material from self- help seminars she had attended in the past, studied inspirational quotes, and searched the inner corners of herself to try and come up with a feasible solution to the duty set before her. It may have been luck or possibly fate that guided her to the Pike Place Fish during her lunch hour where she was destined to meet Lonnie. It seemed like a case of being at the right place at the

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