The Toy Story Films From Pixar

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The Toy Story films from Pixar are remembered fondly for their clever settings, good drama, and memorable characters. These films pretty much have what every good movie can be expected to have. One of the most fondly remembered characters of this film trilogy is the lead protagonist, Sheriff Woody. In Toy Story, a film where children’s toys secretly come to life when no human is around to witness them, Woody is the favorite toy of his own kid, Andy, who spends most of his spare time playing with him in particular, taking him throughout his home and treating the toy like a close friend, the same way a lot of kids tend to get attached to their own playthings. Because of the attention, Woody has no concern of ever being separated from his owner,…show more content…
Therefore, they should do what they can to be there for him. One day, however, Woody ends up going against some stiff competition. During Andy’s birthday party (which they learn is happening a week early before they move to another house), Woody and the team discover that Andy has been given a particular birthday present, one that he seems very excited about. Upon discovering this new toy, Woody immediately grows his own concern when it begins receiving more attention than him. This toy is Buzz Lightyear, a space action figure which the other toys take to very quickly, impressed by his extra features. Time goes on and Woody takes notice that Andy has even replaced many of his cowboy-themed room decorations with science fiction-related ones, indicating his excitement for ownership of the new action figure. Woody also takes notice of Buzz’s strange activity and belief that he really is the actual Buzz Lightyear, and not just a simple piece of plastic with electronic lights and…show more content…
Forced to stay the night, Woody and Buzz attempt to escape the next morning through the open door, but are halted this time by Sid’s aggressive dog. After safely evading him, they regroup and Woody hatches a different plan to get back to Andy’s house through the window. The plan almost works, but the toys from Andy’s room mistake Buzz’s now broken arm as evidence that Woody killed off Buzz out of jealousy, and refuse to help him get back. Woody, feeling guilty and remorseful, realizes Buzz’s sudden state of depression, and how he learned from a TV commercial that he really is a toy. By this point, Woody feels responsible for getting both himself and Buzz into this mess and confesses that he needs his help to get home. He also points out to Buzz that he is a much cooler toy than him, and that he deserves to be adored by Andy the way he used to be himself. Buzz, feeling sorry for Woody, decides to try and help him before being taken by Sid to his backyard to be attached to a firework and launched into the
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