The Toyota Company

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The Toyota Company has many ongoing effects to external environments which include general and task environments. There are many challenges that an industry like Toyota faces when dealing with general environment and task environment. Over the next three years Toyota is faced with many difficulties that must be faced from top management all the way to lower management. Toyota is caught up with many general environmental issues which include economic, social-cultural, political and legal, technological, and demographic conditions. Many of these conditions are due to the many consumer complaints that were brought on by the defects that many of the automobiles that were manufactured by Toyota. The task environment forces that will…show more content…
The four taskers all have to help deal with the realization of the recall disaster. With over nine million cars recalled last Toyota is under high scrutiny. Toyota is facing both criminal and Congressional questioning under the safety problems of the vehicles. It’s up to Toyota’s management to use their managerial functions by utilizing their task forcers. The dealerships will have to work with management to ensure that they are working with their mechanics in the service department to properly fix any of the defects with the vehicles. In order for Toyota stay ahead of the competition they must ensure to meet their customers needs by having their customers demands met. It is important with the proper planning that Toyota establishes a proper plan that will begin to organize, plan and control the process of the various Toyota recalls. This type of plan is an effective management tool to alert their customers through the dealers to let them know if they are part of the recall. By meeting the demands of the customer’s Toyota is helping to rebuild their reputation as being the top manufacturer in automobiles. This helps them stay in the run against their competitors with having the best vehicle in the market by proving they are willing to fix the problems they are responsible for. In conclusion, Toyota has learned to build their reputation by having the best made vehicles on the market. Due to the recalls they are using their general

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