The Toyota Motor Corporation Company Essay

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The Toyota Motor Corporation was once a division of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. In 1926, Sakichi Toyoda founded the Toyota Industries Corporation known at the time as the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. Toyoda started with his first invention in 1890 which was the Toyoda Wooden Hand Loom which was, then, modified to make the Toyoda Power Loom in 1896. The invention of the power loom leads to his next invention which was the Circular Loom invented in 1906. Toyoda finally invents the Toyoda Automatic Loom in 1925. The product was then marketed in 1926 marking the start point of the well-known corporation of today, the Toyota Industries Corporation. After 3 years in 1929, Sakichi Toyoda sold the patent for the automatic loom to Platt Brothers & Co. from United Kingdom.
In 1933, the corporation’s automobile department was prepared to start the manufacture of automobiles. In a year, the company completes the invention of A-type automobile engine and is prepared to start the Steel Production and Trial Production Plants. In 1935, the corporation establishes its precepts and completes the prototype of the Model A1 Passenger Car. In Shibaura, Tokyo, Toyota Industries Corporation unveils its first Model G1 truck at the 1935 new-car-release exhibition. In 1936, exhibition honoring completion of mass-produced passenger car was held and designated the authorization of automotive manufacturer.
In 1936, the company releases the Model AA sedan. In 1937, the Automotive
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