The Toyota Production System ( Tps )

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What better organization could I have chosen other than the one which practices Lean and is the maker of Lean principles in the manufacturing world? I have selected the company “Toyota” as they are the ones who created the Toyota Production system (TPS) which is also known as “Lean” in the manufacturing environment. They are known as the leading lean exemplar of the world. They are also the largest automakers in the world in terms of overall sales. The whole organization runs on the Toyota production system and its principles, vision and philosophy. Within the organization, four prominent gentlemen are credited with developing the system: Sakichi Toyoda, who founded the Toyoda Group in 1902; Kiichiro Toyoda, son of Sakichi Toyoda, who headed the automobile manufacturing operation between 1936 and 1950; Eiji Toyoda, Managing Director between 1950 and 1981 and Chairman between 1981 and 1994; and Taiichi Ohno, the Father of the Kanban System. Since 1957, Toyota has expanded the scope of automobile sales across the entire globe. For over fifty years, Toyota vehicles have found their way to over 170 countries and regions throughout the world. As their exports have continued to develop so has the localization of their production bases, in line with a policy of "producing vehicles where the demand exists". Now there are 51 bases in 26 different countries and regions. In addition, there are design and R&D bases in nine locations overseas, showing that "from development and design
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