The Toyota Production System ( Tps )

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The Toyota Production System (TPS) is one of the most efficient and comprehensive practice of managing the company’s assembly line and overall supply chain process. This incredible process was started by Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyoda group. It consists of several management techniques that mostly originated from Japan. It all started with the concept called Intelligent Automation or “Jidoka.” Toyoda devised an automated loom that revolutionized the weaving industry making it exponentially more efficient than hand weaving which then has been practiced for centuries. As it relates to Toyota’s production line today, the process of “Jidoka” is still being used and improved with the help of human element. According to Toyoda, human element is vital even in a world where machine automation is taking over because of the essential human touch which results in a more efficient and flawless product output. Although “Jidoka” is one of the oldest concepts Toyota follows, the heart of its Production System is a term called Kaizen which means continuous improvement. This concept originated from Japan but because of its real world benefits, many corporations internationally have adopted its core values and concepts. Toyota not only requires its employees to follow its standardized work guidelines strictly but to also seek continual improvement. Kaizen is applied and practiced in every division and every activity of the…
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