The Trackers: A Short Story

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The Trackers Kino drew back his arm and fling the pearl with all his might. Kino and Juana watched it go, winking and glimmering under the setting sun. They saw a little splash in the distance, and they stood side by side watching the place for a long time. After chucking the pearl, into the water, Juana hugged Kino, and he walked back up the beach. Suddenly, they heard a rapid cluster of shots, not too far away. Kino looked at Juana, and they both scrambled, heading to their brush house that wasn’t there. The ran and took the canoe, and rushed down to the beach. They started rapidly paddling, as they saw horses, galloping down the coast. As they paddled away, one of the masked trackers cried out, “Shoot the canoers!” Gunshots fired, terrifying Kino and Juana, and Kino shrieked…show more content…
I never want to see you here again, period!” Kino took the glass on the table, and quickly ran out. Listening to the pounding footsteps of the overweight bartender, Kino and Juana ran around the corner and hid behind a crate. The bartender, club in hand, ran past the alleyway not even bothering to look down the alley. They proceeded to jog down the street, after the furious bartender passed by. There was a store, labeled ALMACÉN GENERAL. Kino, with a questioned look on his face, asked Juana quietly what they should do. “Let's see what's inside,” she said. Kino took the butt of is musket, and smashed the window of the store. A large shard of glass from the window, penetrated Kino’s skin, right where he was shot. Kino yelped in agony. Juana shushed him, and jumped through the window, landing on the glass, which made a loud, sharp noise of glass crushing beneath her feet. She immediately went to the medical section and found a bandage. She rushed back outside, where Kino was lying. Juana reached for Kino’s arm, and pulled out the large shard of glass. She wrapped the bandage around Kino’s arm as he held back tears, trying not to scream in
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