The Trade Activities Between Mainland China And Taiwan

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Sunflower Movement in Taiwan The interaction of the trade activities between Mainland China and Taiwan always “successfully” draws attention from the global, but this time the fuel is directly presented in the manifesto of the Sunflower Movement--堅持,直到島嶼天光. “The campaign of the occupation lays the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the CSSTA under the sun stark naked; unfortunately, the pact is already passed. The forced adoption by the KMT highlights the Ma government’s arbitrary abuse of the power and infringement of the human right, leading to the constitutional crisis of the retrogression in democracy. It meanwhile stimulates civilians to ponder the rebirth of democracy.” (堅持,直到島嶼天光, see footnote , translation mine). People…show more content…
Mori readily points out what our government is doing is simply transforming Taiwan into another Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Public China; everyone, to some extent, knows what “special” means here. Accordingly, people gathered together, most of whom were students, and were defending their homeland on March 18th, 2014. By occupying the legislature for over twenty days, every one demonstrates the insistence on protecting the nation as well as the exploding poll and is being, no more, silent to politics. There are, of course, incidents involving blood, but the blood isn’t the slaughter’s blood; it comes from Taiwanese who are desperately withstanding the injustice. The band, 滅火器Fire EX, sings for the Sunflower Movement, “Dawn is near. We are braver than before… Let’s singing it out loud until the rays of hope [shine] upon everyone on this island… Once the sun reaches the mountain, [t]hen it’s time to go home” (Island’s sunrise). This song, within simple words in Taiwanese, pictures the people never giving up, the police maintaining the order, and others who devote themselves to protecting their home. As a consequence, no matter what comments there are at the end of the entire event, this movement has shown the government their negligence to what is truly in Taiwaneses’ mind, and it has also resulted in
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