The Trade I Choose is Certified Nursing Assistant

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The trade that I choose is Certified Nursing Assistant. I choose that trade because that’s a step to enter the career that I want. I want to be a Register Nurse at Radys Children Hospital or at Sharp. I like helping people and especially kids, I think kids are the best and especially when you have problems or something else and you see them smile at you that feels great. I know that when I receive my certification as a certified nursing assistant I know that that’s going to change my life because I would be getting their where I want to be. I am taking my course as a certified nursing assistant here at Job Corps San Diego. I choose this school because they are many opportunities that they offer here for you. I went to look for this program at other schools and I see that they don’t offer you as much as they do here so that’s why I also choose to star my career here. Also this school was recommend by a lot of friends that they graduated from here and that they are now working. In my career that I choose for a certified nursing assistant there are too many skills that you would have to learn and focus about. Some skills that you have to know are the need to be a fast learner, multitask person, be able to work with both hands and be going from one side to another and standing all they. As a certified nursing you are doing basically a lot because you are supervisor by the register nurse and they would tell you what to do and give you a lot of chores that needs
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