The Trade Of Human Organs For Profit

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Blood Money: The Trade of Human Organs for Profit Throughout the world, people are beginning to live longer lives. From about 100 years ago, people’s lives have more than doubled, from an average of 34 years around the world, to an average of approximately 70 years today. Not only that, but the global population has gone from less than two billion to nearly seven billion people. While this may seemingly be a good thing, there are several problems attached to it. Due to poor diets, many people have to seek for organ donations. While some people can acquire their needed organs, many cannot get the organs they need. To supplement this demand, the black market has conducted the organ trade, highly focused in South-East Asia. In these countries, organ traffickers go to poor villages to exploit the desperate farmers living in those conditions. Although there are many questions about the organ trafficking, several important questions I aim to explore are how the organ black market in Asia work so efficiently, and what policies could be made to reduce the need for organ trafficking. The reason organ trafficking is happening is due to a large demand, and little supply. As many people need organ transplants to survive, there is a great need for organs in the world. However, very few people ever donate their organs. Therefore, this creates a long line of people waiting for organs. Although there are some alternatives, such as dialysis for kidneys, and artificial hearts for hearts,
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