The Trade Of The Atlantic Slave Trade

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Peter Banyai Historiographical Paper Professor Hoag 12.2.2014 The Atlantic Slave Trade took place from the 16th century to the 19th century. Most of the slaves were taken from West Africa, but the trade also affected other parts of the continent. By the end of the trade, it became the biggest human migration to date. Generally, we know a lot about the effects slavery had in the New World, but we have less information on how the slave trade affected African societies. Although there were no scholars which contested the harm the slave trade caused, however, there is still debate over the effect of the trade within African societies. The debate over the impact on demography and economy still exist today. However, in this paper it is argued, mainly due to the growing contributions from African scholars and economists, that today historians are reaching a consensus that the slave trade caused long term effects on the demography, social structure and economy of African societies. In this paper, I will focus on how the trade impacted African communities in regards to demography, social structure, and economy, and I will demonstrate how the historiography in regards to these aspects has evolved to its present form. Demographic of the Slave Trade Before historians could really understand the impact of the trans-Atlantic they had to have a synthetized study on the demography of the trade concerning several questions; 1) how many slaves were there? 2) Where they came from? 3) And to

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