The Trade Of The Fur Industry

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Many people who wear fur are not aware with the sad reality behind its production. Fur is associated with glamor and wealth. However, the truth is entirely different. Annually, millions of animals are brutally killed for their skin in the name of fashion. Coats, accessories, hats, scarves, and other fancy items are made from these innocent beings. They live their entire life in tiny cages, often with diseases, and at the end – beaten, skinned alive and thrown onto a pile. It may sound terrifying, but this practice happens on a daily basis. Before buying fur, people should be well-informed that their trendy items come from cruel, needless, and bad for the environment industry. The main countries that produce farm fur are China, Canada, United States, Russia, and various Eastern European countries. China is the major fur’s exporter. The fur industry is the only industry that is unregulated by the federal government. Animals raised for fur in farms include minks, foxes, chinchillas, rabbits, dogs, and cats. Also, there are beautiful wild animals such as raccoons, wolves, coyotes, and more who are locked in steel-jaw traps while free in nature and then forced to live in cages their whole lives. According to PETA Organization, “Animals who are trapped in the wild can suffer for days from blood loss, shock, dehydration, frostbite, gangrene, and attacks by predators. They may be caught in steel-jaw traps that slam down on their legs, often cutting to the bone. That

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