The Trade Relations Among Europe and Africa, Asia and America

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Before 1500, Europeans had already established a trading network with Africa, Asia and America. The products that they traded during that time period included food clothing, weapons and other goods. Today their trading networks are very sophisticated and connect to every corner well to every other aspect of the planet. Trading became an essential part for our society to function and prosperous into what it has become today. Some might think that today’s trading landscape came from the Europeans around 1500, but they were just eager to establish trades with countries who were just as eager to purchase European goods. However, this statement is incorrect. The reality was that not every country was willing to purchase their products, but many…show more content…
They wanted to spread their civilized cultures and religions to the “less civilized” countries in order to colonize them easier. The Americas was a great example to illustrate this influence. After Columbus discovered the new continent in 1400s, European powers began to flock and colonize the new world. Despite the natives were resisting, they were soon adapted to their new dominating power. This was because many of the products that they used were imported from the European nations, including tea, clothing, religion etc. The success of the dominating European power was due to the fact that they took advantage of the trading system and method was unsuccessful for the empires in the old world. It is because the “less civilized” old world countries had already established their own cultures and religions and were not ready to change. For example, Christianity did not find its way in China. Even in the mid 18th century, 200 years after the trading relationship began; only about 0.08 percent of total Chinese population had converted from Buddhism to Christianity. Therefore, the explanation that trading system continued because of the European’s cohesive civilization was not well constructed, as it was true for the countries in the new world but not the old. Finally, European nations were more interested in products made in other countries than those countries interested in their products. An example about the Chinese empire
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