The Trade Traingle

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During the industrial revolution, the people of Britain mainly relied on the Trade Triangle. The Trade Triangle enabled English colonies to develop in the variety of crops, growing population and gaining many new resources which benefited them. The trade triangle is known for the trading between Africa , America and Europe . One of the most important parts of the trade triangle is the path of slaves getting transported to America .
In the period of the industrial revolution, many Africans were kidnapped and forced to be slaves. It went to the extent that when family members arrived home from farming or hunting, other members would have been taken. Children who were left as look outs were also taken regardless of their age.
An Africans
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The slaves were treated very cruelly and in poor condition. Slaves would become very weak because they were not fed, and they were used up until they became worn out or until they died.
Living conditions in plantations
African slaves did forced labour. They had no say In what they did. They worked long hours with only a small pay. The owners had very harsh discipline rules and if the rules were broken or disobeyed, harsh punishments would be given. Some slaves were also forced to work in chains. Many of them lived in fear because there were many slaves who could not work with the harsh treatment that they received and they would often start rebellions.
Advantages and disadvantages of the slave trade
There were many advantages and disadvantages from the slave trade. Advantages for the Europeans were that they were able to develop and grow their country to a tremendous standard by building important rail roads and and making cotton one of the most expensive goods. These things were all done for no cost. It was simply a cheap source of work . Many goods were produced by slaves so , many profits were earned. The disadvantages were mainly for the Africans because many slaves would be separated from their family members when they get sold off to different owners. Another disadvantage is that they were beaten, whipped, hung and burnt. Many Africans

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