The Trade beyond Borders

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Trade beyond borders Trade is the concept of the exchange of goods and services between entities or people. Trade exists since people or entities see the need and the benefits they get from the exchange. International trade involves the exchange of capital, goods as well as services that takes place across international territories or borders this is quite an important trade in most countries and contributes to a share that is significant in these countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This trade has been present throughout much of the historical days furthermore its economic, political as well as social importance has been on the rise in recent centuries. Advanced transportation, industrialization, globalization, multinational corporations as well as outsourcing all has major impacts on the international trade and its increase is crucial for continued of globalization (Brown Consultancy Services, 2012).Without the existence of international trade then it would mean that many countries would have limited types of goods and services within the borders of their countries. In the history of international trade there are various notable events that have had an effect on the trade between different countries. In the period where there were no nation states, then the term international trade was not literally applicable but it was put in simple terms to mean trade over long distances, this sort of movement of goods is what can be a representation of international trade in
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