The Trading Networks Of The 17th And The 18th Centuries

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The trading networks of the 17th and the 18th centuries, probably the reason America is here and why we’re Americans. That is because this trade was a new type of trade, international trade or involving the whole world in one network, mass production, diversity, and mixing of cultures. As a result of such trading networks the western hemisphere was now being populated more heavily and the first colonies where starting to form. Documents 2, and 4 describes how Chinese greed for silver changed a lot of old patterns, documents 3, 1, 5, and 6 discuss how silver affected distribution of money, the economy, and methods of payment, documents 7 and 8 discuss the impact of silver on the world and the controversies it aroused. In documents …show more content…

This changed patterns of trade deficit where before it was on the Portuguese it was now on China who were pouring out everything in exchange for only silver which they didn’t even reinvest in their economy. This source isn’t that reliable mainly because it was written by a British merchant who tried convincing Britain into joining trade. Therefore it was a secondary document from the outside looking in so all data may not be correct. Thus the global distribution of silver greatened the connection between the west and the east eliminating old patterns of trade deficit. In the documents 3, 1, 5, and 6 they discuss how when silver came into the picture many payment and old money accounting methods changed. Document 3 talks about how in China the economy began to fall due to cheaper grain harvest. The reason that the harvest was cheaper is because the taxes where now forced to be paid in silver which China dispersed very little silver into the economy. It is a reliable document because elders of villages directly told Wang Xijue a court official of China about the first hand suffering of its people. Document 1 states how the introduction of silver to China created much greed and whoever has a lot can never have enough but whoever has little has enough. That is because of the suffering brought on by silver whoever had a little needed to worry

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